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Our childrens health is so important and occassionally, ADHD can play a part in this.

Many parent's are choosing natural medicine as opposed to prescription medicine. The reason for this is that prescription medicine can produce an array of devastating side-effects.

Not only do we not want to create further problems for our kids, we would rather treat our children's health problem more gently and preferably without any side-effects.

Natural medicine works wonders in children because their bodies are (usually) chemically untouched. This means that you are starting with a blank canvas, as opposed to adults that may have pre-existing conditions or habits such as smoking, alcohol problems, or altered biochemistry from drugs.


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Around 10% of school aged children have ADHD/ADD.

For some reason (and it is still unkown) more boys are affected than girls.

ADHD/ADD is more common in children but adults can also have the disorder. 50% of ADHD children continue to be affected as adults.

Three Types of ADHD

• Hyperactive/Impulsive Type

• Inattentive Type

• Combined Hyperactive and Inattentive

Combined Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder is the most common type but as the child grows, the hyperactive component declines at a greater rate than the impulsive or inattentive component.

Symptoms of ADHD

symptoms of adhd

• Inattention

• Impulsiveness

• Hyperactivity

• Behavioural problems

• Academically underachieving

Associated Symptoms of ADHD/ADD

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Tourette’s syndrome

• Speech problems

• Delays in learning and language

What Causes ADHD/ADD?

Nobody seems to know exactly what causes Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder but there appears to be a genetic link. There is a significant percentage of mothers, fathers and siblings with ADHD/ADD that have children with the disorder.

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of ADHD/ADD by up to 23%.

Allergies are another possible contributing factor. Some children with ADHD/ADD are helped by following a diet that cuts out all food allergens.

Norepinephrine is a brain chemical that when deficient, the patient has trouble responding to new stimuli. This is thought to maybe be a contributing factor to Attention decficit/hyperactive disorder.

Natural Medicines for ADHD/ADD

adhd natural treatments

Due to the side effects of some prescription drugs for Attention deficit/hperactive disorder, many parents are turning to natural alternatives in the hope that it may help their childrens health.

A very interesting publication that you may be interested in reading is from a doctor that has treated hundreds of add/adhd patients. Dr. Saunders gives you the insight on why prescription drugs don't work and how you can treat this disorder without using drugs. To find out this vital information Click Here!

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