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This site is all about giving you the proven facts about natural medicines.

I have been in private practise as a Naturopath for the past fourteen years as well as working from a number of pharmacies giving over the counter advice on natural medicines. During this time I have been able to talk to a lot of people about issues between conventional medicine, traditional medicine, home remedies and what is just plain 'quackery'.

There is a definite need for people to understand natural medicine. Too many people are treating themselves and not letting their Health Practitioner know or even worse, not asking enough questions about the treatment.

Natural Medicine is being researched more and more these days and we are now finding out some very interesting facts about some remedies.

Unfortunately (and I have discovered this myself) if you are surfing the Net for natural health information, there seems to be a lot of sites dedicated to health problems and natural cures but not much evidence. The number of health websites and authors that are not educated in health is astounding.

So, my aim in this site is to give you educated, non-biased health information on natural medicines that have had evidence based research completed on them. Wouldn't you rather know that a product has been 'proven' to be effective rather than someone trying to sell you a 'miracle cure'.

I love to do research on natural medicines so I am dedicated to giving you the latest information for your health issue. I am also an advocate of having a balance between using natural medicines and prescription medicine. There is a time and place for prescription use and the same applies to natural medicines.

I hope you enjoy reading the material on this site and wish you 'good health'.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to subscribe to the monthly ezine, it's just to your left and it's an easy way to get updates and handy hints on natural health that you may not find on any of my other pages. Your privacy is important to me, no emails will be passed on to any third parties.

Kristin Collins ND

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