Chronic Fatigue and Proven Natural Medicine

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If you are a chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) sufferer, then I really hope you can sit for long enough to read this important information about CFS and natural medicine.

If you feel you know enough about CFS and just want to view the proven natural medicines for chronic fatigue, then click here.

Let me see if I can put you in a nutshell...

You have unexplained and persistent fatigue that gets worse when you exert yourself. You don't sleep very well even though somedays your body won't let you get out of bed.

You have pain nearly all the time and it goes from muscle cramps to joint pain to muscle pain and it could be sharp, throbbing, spasms or even tingling.

Your muscles are so weak you have trouble standing for long periods and people think you're lazy....

Somedays you can't even open a jar of jam.

Your co-ordination is all 'shot' and you drop things all the time. People think you're clumsy.

You have such trouble concentrating that you don't even know if you can finish reading this article.....

Hang in there.

When you're talking, you stop mid-sentence because you can't think of the word and sometimes you even stutter, which is getting a bit embarrassing.

Loud persistent noises such as your children or construction, make you very irritable and sometimes the stress of it all leads you to 'crash'. And for some strange reason, you can't tolerate the same foods you used to be able to eat. Some of your favourite foods cause stomach aches and you find yourself going to the toilet more.

And just to top it off, you have a sore throat every other week and you just generally feel like YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY A BUS.

Does this sound like you?

O.K. so we've established you need help. You may have already been to a doctor and left a bit disheartened....don't blame you!

I highly recommend that you visit a health practitioner as chronic fatigue can mimic other disorders. These may include:

Lyme disease

Addison's disease

Bipolar disorder



Heart Failure

Renal disease

Myashenia Gravis

Autoimmune disease

Diabetes Mellitis


If you physically can't get yourself down to see a Naturopath then please click here to view my Naturopathic Suggestions for chronic fatigue. I have some interesting fatigue relieving medicinal foods, vitamin supplements, and home remedies for you.

If you would like to go straight to the proven natural medicines for chronic fatigue then please click here. Your body will thank you when it doesn't have to sit and read through dozens of research papers just to find out what's been proven to help CFS.

Use that extra time to rest or try some yoga for your aching tired muscles.

This information will also save your 'hip pocket' by not experimenting with unproven natural cures.

If you would like more detailed information on chronic fatigue please visit this wonderful informative site.

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