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Proven Natural Medicine....This site is where you can find the proof you need to start using natural medicines.

The guess work is taken out

I'll show you what's been proven to work

I'll save you money on natural medicines

Results from double-blind placebo controlled trials

This is where you can get free, non biased, scientific proof on:

How to lower your cholesterol without side-effects

• Rid pimples for good

• How to naturally increase your libido

• Be happier without using anti-depressants

• 'Pain free' Crohn's treatments

There's nothing worse than wasting money on an expensive 'maybe'.

For example, DID YOU KNOW?

• Evening Primrose Oil DOES NOT HELP PMS

• Probiotics HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO HELP Crohn's disease

• CoQ10 has DOES NOT help chronic fatigue

• Wild Yam Cream DOES NOT HELP Menopause

More and more clinical trials for natural medicines are being researched and you, the consumer should know what has been proven to work and what has been labelled as ineffective.

Right advice the first time =Healthy body and healthier bank balance


Basically I let you know which natural medicine has been clinically proven to help a particular disorder. For example, essential oils for psoriasis the most effective home remedy now

For example, this is how it will look:

St John's Wort. This remedy is a proven natural medicine for depression.

Your health is the most important asset you can own.

Find out the proven natural medicines BEFORE you visit a health practitioner so you have a better understanding.

Invest your money in better things than speculative natural products.

You will be feeling healthier quicker, if you use the product that has been proven to work.

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Policosanol 10 MG 120 Tabs Policosanol 10 MG 120 Tabs Just as effective as prescribed statin drugs

Cleanse Blood Stream 100 Vegicaps Cleanse Blood Stream 100 Vegicaps to clear your skin

Single Herb St. Johns Wort 100 Vegicaps Single Herb St. Johns Wort 100 Vegicaps as effective as prescription anti-depressants

Rainbow Light's Advanced Enzyme Optima w/ Prebiotics & Probiotics 90 Vcaps Rainbow Light's Advanced Enzyme Optima w/ Prebiotics & Probiotics 90 Vcaps, a must for crohn's disease

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