Vitamin Deficiencies and Symptoms

vitamins and deficiencies

Did you know that simple vitamin deficiencies can produce symptoms that are similar to many health disorders. These are sometimes easily overlooked by your health practitioner. You may not realise you are in a high risk category to have a vitamin deficiency. Diet and nutrition play a major role in providing vitamins.

If you have a particular set of symptoms, check out the different set of symptoms for each vitamin. It could be that you have a simple deficiency as opposed to a major health disorder.

Vitamin Deficiencies Discussed

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Now I could start talking about the importance of these nutrients and how they are vital to life, but I'm guessing you already know all the important information so I am just going to give you some examples of patients that I have seen with vitamin deficiencies.

These patients all came to me with what they thought was a major health concern. Well of course it was major to them....they had to live with it.

But in actual fact, their problems were simple vitamin deficiencies and easily fixed.

Supplementation of vitamins in a perfect world would be a waste of time and money. But, due to farming methods, diet, cooking methods and disease, vitamin intake and absorption is often low.

Take a look at a few case studies and see how some problems can be eased with supplementation.

Case Studies

Case Study No: 1

This lady came to me with tiredness, fatigue, mild depression, weight gain and a fear that she was starting menopause. She wasn't coping at work and her co-workers were noticing. She was also running a business with her husband and felt that her workload was too much. Her sex life was in a shambles as she just felt too tired and generally didn't feel very good about herself.

After testing her hormones and taking a complete health history, we discovered that she could be in the realms of premenopause where her periods were slowing down.

Her hormones weren't showing any abnormalities so I decided that we would supplement with a strong Vitamin B Complex which also contained amino acids to help with digestion

After just 3 weeks of one tablet a day, this patient called me

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to tell me how fantastic she felt. She was no longer tired and she felt better about herself which improved her sex life and her co-workers no longer felt she was a burden.

Her energy levels according to her had increased 40%.

All this from just a simple supplement Just click on the image to your right to get acess to the one B complex that I have especially chosen due to content, quality and price.

Case Study No: 2

This young man of twenty five came to me with symptoms of lethargy, paleness of skin, poor circulation, and floaters in his vision. On presentation this man looked anaemic. After extensive questioning I discovered that he ate plenty of meat and had no intestinal problems. He had started taking Iron supplements but he didn't feel they made any difference.

I could have performed a hair tissue analysis but decided that I would prescribe him with Vitamin B12 instead. The decision to do this was because a B12 deficiency can cause pernicious anaemia. B12 is needed for iron absorption.

It didn't take long for this young man to start feeling better and after a bit of education on diet, he started to include more B12 foods so that he didn't have to supplement.

Case Study No: 3

A history of mouth ulcers, poor wound healing, regular catching of colds and cold hands and feet, this eighteen year old girl was sick of looking and feeling tired all the time.

After making sure this girl had no major problems (she had normal blood tests from her GP) I decided to give her a B Complex to ensure the absorption of Vitamin B1.

The B vitamins when deficient are known to contribute to mouth ulcers. When the B Vitamins are taken seperately, they can cause depletion of other B Vitamins.

This is why I always give a B Vitamin as a complex.

This girls' mouth ulcers and cold hands and feet improved within 4 weeks of supplementation.

Please click on the specific Vitamins above to see the deficiency symptoms and food sources.

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